Dr. Ronnie Crockett

"The Man With The Living Word"

New Orleans Triumph's New Sanctuary

New facility under going renovations at 840 Caffin Ave, New Orleans, LA.  Temporary location for services is 6117 St. Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA.

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New Orleans Triumph B.C.

"We're Experiencing Victoriously Living By Divine Revelation"

II Corinthians 2:14


Church History

On November 9, 1957, (22) twenty-two persons inspired by God started contributing for the organization of a future church.  Those persons included Sis Melvina Verrett, Rev. Lloyd Brown, Sis Mary Brown and their childeren, Bro. John Marshall, Sis M. E. Harris, Bro Nick James, Sis. Orphelia James, Bro. Roosevelt Woods and Sis Beulah Alveris.

The name TRIUMPH was suggested by Sister M.M.Harris.

The first official meeting was held on December 27, 1957 at the home of the late Rev. Dan and Mo Beulah Fields.  The organizing roll consisted of (22) members with (18) in attendance to conduct the business at hand. 

In the beginning, services were held at the Mt. Carmel Missionary Batptist Church for (18) months.

The  late Rev. Lloyd Brown and Rev. Dan Fields, with the help of a few faithful members, purchased  the North Rampart Street Location for the church on April 13, 1959.  The small congregation worked together to prepare the building for service and moved in on April 13, 1960 with the dedication sermon by the late Rev. A. J. Alexander. 

In March 1961, a pool was build in the church yard.

On September 16, 1961, Rev. Brown acquired the church charter bearing the legal name NEW ORLEANS TRIUMPH BAPTIST CHURCH.

On February 25, 1969, the note burning services were held.

In July of 1969, renovations were made to extend the pulpit and choir stand along with pool construction inside the building and the bricking of the exterior fo the church.  In 1981, the structure was further expanded to accommodate the growing congregation. 

After the death of the founding pastor, the torch was passed to the Rev. Johnny Youngblood.  During his tenure (3/1998 to 2/2001), the church was renovated in March 1999.

After the resignation of Rev. Youngblood, Triumph was blessed with an assignment by God, Pastor Ronnie A. Crockett, who since his inception has been leading Triumph on the Right Road going in the Right Direction... getting there Victoriously.  Under Pastor Crockett's leadership, Triumph has established its Radio Ministry on K-750 AM Radio, Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m.

In 2014, under the direction of Pastor Crockett, Triumph purchased a much larger sanctuary and land at 840 Caffin Ave in the lower ninth ward of New Orleans.  The building is under going major renovations and the congregation is excited and anticipating moving into the new edifice.

New Orleans Triumph Baptist Church continues to stand as a city that sitteth on a hill with its beacon light ever shining throughout the land. 

Triumph has been in existence for forty-four years and has been built on a strong foundation.  As the church continues to grow, it is our strongest desire to climb to the heights that seem unreachable.